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Debbie! Always EnVogue!!!

Debbie is a huge part of FTK~Konnect Events. She’s like a sister to our lead event planner ‘Feyikemi Kukoyi popularly known as FTK. Putting her bridal shower pictures together brought fond memories for us of February 14, 2012 when Akin proposed to Debbie. Their engagement proposal blog post remains the highest viewed post on our blog till date. Here’s the link check it out and see why it’s rated “ROMANTIC” on our blog.


As Deborah and Akinola get married this blessed weekend that is coming up…we wish them a SUPER FANTASTIC life together.

Marital bliss all the way DEBAKIN2013!

We love you loads!!!

To all our preferred vendors – we say a BIG THANK YOU!

Bridal Shower Planned, Organized & Decorated by FTK~Konnect Events

Pictures by Quality in Productions

Small Chops by Rice Etcetera

Engagement Proposal Video & Pictures

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