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The Big Fake Wedding Baltimore 2016 features FTK~Konnect Events!

This past Thursday, FTK~Konnect Events had the chance to participate in The Big Fake Wedding Baltimore!

The event was held at The Grand and included numerous vendors such as ourselves, who own and operate photography, florist, and wedding and event planning companies.

Above is a sign leading guests and vendors to The Tunnel of Love and the reception space and beautiful artwork on display at the event.

What is The Big Fake Wedding?

“The Big Fake Wedding is a bridal show alternative complete with an emotional vow renewal ceremony, light bites and a dance-party reception. “Wedding guests” are brides- and grooms-to-be who get to truly experience the wedding vendors in action.”

The bride and groom for The Big Fake Wedding was Liz and Ryan! It was a pleasure to partake in their big day. They were a young, upbeat, and high energy couple which made the night even more enjoyable. FTK was able to be apart of the wedding ceremony by providing beautiful bouquets for the couple and wedding party.

It was also our job at FTK~Konnect to design a table for The Tunnel of Love and 3 tables where guests would sit in the reception space after the wedding ceremony took place.

Thanks to The Tunnel of Love, we were able to network and chat with over 100 guests and potential clients. Most of the guests were engaged couples or engaged women who were super excited to share with us details about their relationship, engagement, and future wedding plans.

Here you can see a few of the guests who stopped to pose with our FTK Instagram board and our delicious cupcakes of course!

Yummy cupcakes on display on our FTK table in The Tunnel of Love.

The Tunnel of Love table was guests’ first look at FTK~Konnect Events and where we were able to captivate the guests with photos of some of our previous work, advertise our brand, wedding services to the lovely couples, and offer them free cupcakes!

Now below is a look at our reception hall decor!

In the reception hall, we kept it simple and stuck with our gorgeous purple theme and accented the reception tables with purple rosette table cloths. We put 2 glasses per setting on the table along with a silver fork and knife pairing and a silver glitter plate as well. The napkins were tri-folded and placed delicately on the plates.

The reception hall was full of vendors and guests who were ready to eat, mingle, and have an awesome time on the dance floor. Above you can see the bride and groom and a few members of the bridal party dancing the night away and you can also see guests enjoying their meals at our lovely reception tables

We also got to partake in cake eating (which was delicious!) and a glamorous mini photo-shoot in front of a gorgeous flower wall pictured above. Below are some of our flower wall photo booth pics!

And we can’t forget about FTK’s glamour shot with the stunning bride wearing her gorgeous lacy wedding dress.

Overall, it was a fun and exciting event and it was great to show off what we do at FTK~Konnect Events ! It was even better to network with so many happy and excited couples and engaged women eager and ready to plan their wedding!

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