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Wedding Ceremony & Reception Planner Questionnaire

Thank you for reaching out to us and a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! We will be thrilled to represent you as your wedding planning and design management company for your BIG day. Our wedding packages come in Full, Partial, Finishing touches and Wedding Day Coordination. 
Please complete this preliminary questionnaire to the best of your ability. Once you complete the questions and hit the submit button, we will review the responses and you can expect a follow up email before we set up an hour virtual consultation meeting with you to discuss the wedding packages/fees in detail. We will discuss the different services we provide in which case you are able to make an informed decision at which capacity you will need us to assist with your wedding plans. 

We do not feel packages are ideal for everyone, as what one person might want in one's wedding event, might be different for someone else. Therefore, we customize our 4 wedding packages to each client's needs.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and or concerns at any time. Do let us know if you require any help with completing the questionnaire.

Thanks again for reaching out to us - We value your business and hope to consult with you virtually and eventually get started with your wedding plans soon.

What are the best times to meet? (select all that apply or leave for no preference)
What is your preferred contact method?
Are you the main decision maker for the Wedding?
How many people are you expecting?
Is there a wedding theme?
Do you have a color scheme?
Have you booked a Ceremony Venue?
Have you booked a professional master of ceremony?
Will you have children at your reception?
Have you booked a professional photographer?
Have you booked a professional videographer?
Have you arranged for decor of the venue?
Would you like centerpieces, flowers, ballon arrangement or other trendy arrangements?
Will you like chivalry, chairs, chair covers, or specific chairs?
Will you like the food delivered to the reception?
Will any of your guest require special meals?
Will you require rental of utensils?
Would you like us to supply cake?
Have you made any limo arrangements?

Thanks for submitting!

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