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Wedding Ceremony & Reception Planner Questionnaire
What are the best times to meet? (select all that apply or leave for no preference)
What is your preferred contact method?
Are you the main decision maker for the Wedding?
How many people are you expecting?
Is there a wedding theme?
Do you have a color scheme?
Have you booked a Ceremony Venue?
Have you booked a professional master of ceremony?
Will you have children at your reception?
Have you booked a professional photographer?
Have you booked a professional videographer?
Have you arranged for decor of the venue?
Would you like centerpieces, flowers, ballon arrangement or other trendy arrangements?
Will you like chivalry, chairs, chair covers, or specific chairs?
Will you like the food delivered to the reception?
Will any of your guest require special meals?
Will you require rental of utensils?
Would you like us to supply cake?
Have you made any limo arrangements?

Thanks for submitting!