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Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

As the year ends and the holiday season begins, businesses everywhere are beginning to plan or carry out their annual holiday parties. Planning a holiday party can be easy and we’re here to help!

Choosing a Theme

It may seem pretty straightforward, but choosing a theme is still necessary for your holiday party. Would you like the event to be formal or business casual end? The answer certainly helps shape the direction to take in putting your party together. Along with the theme, it is important to consider what colors to incorporate into your chosen theme. Some examples of themes can be Winter Wonderland, Santa’s Workshop, Christmas in NYC and more.

Choosing a Venue

After choosing your theme, the next big step is to choose where you will be having the party. Will it be in the office, or maybe an external banquet area at a hotel? The venue is where your theme will be brought to life.

Putting It All Together

Once you have your theme and venue, you can begin to work through the smaller details such as the invitation list and food. Consider whether you want the holiday party to be for employees only or extended to close friends and family. This helps with a food count and the possibilities for those are endless. You can do a potluck or have food catered from another business.

Check out this photoboard for inspiration with your holiday party, happy holidays!

Inspiration via the Art of Unforgettable Events

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