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Questions to ask when picking a wedding venue

You just got engaged, congrats! The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come. But now what?

There are so many things to think about from who to contact, where to have your wedding, what your budget is - but there’s no strict order when it comes to wedding planning. Our best advice is to start on the most urgent matters, including the venue! Here is our mini guide to what questions to ask when picking your venue:

The first questions:

  1. Does the venue have sufficient seating to accommodate your guest list?

  2. Is your wedding date available?

Some bigger picture questions:

  1. Is there an in-house wedding coordinator, and if so, will they be there for your big day?

  2. Are there any renovations happening to the building during the time of your wedding?

  3. Is the venue accessible to all of your guests? (guests with wheelchairs, canes, vision, or hearing impairments)

  4. Will the venue be available for exclusive use?

Questions about decor:

  1. Is there any decor provided?

  2. When will we have access to the venue prior to the wedding to decorate?

  3. What does the venue look like during the season in which you are getting married?

There are so many moving parts to finding the perfect venue for your special day, but we hope this mini guide was helpful!


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