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Feyikemi Kukoyi


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Feyikemi Kukoyi, who is affectionately referred to as FTK, is an international wedding and event planner.  FTK has spent 14+ years in the industry where she has acquired expertise in curating, planning, and coordinating phenomenal events. With years of experience and background in business technology administration, FTK has acquired a unique skill set that truly sets her and her team apart from others in the field. In addition to exceeding her clients’ expectations, FTK is also known for creating the The Bond With Me 007 Series, a luxury romantic experience that occurs annually. FTK has curated a highly talented team, whom she diligently works with, to create individualized experiences for clients that blur the lines between fantasy and reality by bringing dreams of spectacular experiences to fruition. She strives to translate the vision of each client seamlessly while incorporating elements of relevant trends and elegance.  One of the most notable features of the FTK~Konnect experience is the company’s dedication to ensuring that clients have a harmonious and stress-free planning process that extends into the event. FTK strives to provide world-class customer service, keeping the client’s vision clear, and taking measures to ensure that all elements culminate into a spectacular event.

FTK is the embodiment of a dynamic phenomenal woman. While managing FTK~Konnect events, she is also a wife and mother of two beautiful children. She is working on an MBA yet challenges herself to stay current on advancements in the events industry by attending conferences and staying up to date on relevant literature. As a founding member of the National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals, FTK prioritizes learning from her contemporaries while being a resource for others.  In being a resource and a businesswoman,  she drives the professional growth of others in her field by developing and delivering workshops in the US and internationally. These workshops feature engaging activities that push experiential learning. To further engage those looking to build a career in event planning, FTK developed WEBbyFTK. WEBbyFTK uses social media platforms to share an organic and holistic view of what happens behind the scenes of event planning.

FTK is featured in several publications and media outlets, including B Collective Magazine, EbonylifeTV, Fox45, The Guardian Nigeria, SpiceTV Africa, and more. Additionally, In 2017, FTK~Konnect Events was honored with the State of Maryland and Governor’s Citation award. FTK is an outstanding and sought after event planner, who channels her passion for what she does through educating and empowering others. In a fast-paced industry that requires a dynamic and diverse skill set, FTK has made FTK~Konnect Events a leading global company that always strives to deliver top tier results.

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