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Morgan Banks


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Morgan Banks is a stunning, smart, and witty girl from Baltimore, Maryland. Founder and CEO of Capri Couture Creations, a creative and prophetic writing space online. 

A niche for writing evolved into an online blog, created to encourage, inspire, and motivate young believers in Christ both mentally and spiritually through life. 

She’s a mother to a little boy named Omari Easley, full time leasing professional, singer, songwriter, and mentor. Exceeding five years, in youth ministry leadership. Morgan was one of two students to start and after the bible study program in her county in the year of 2014, Sponsored by  Bethel Campus Fellowship. Through her own experience of disappointments and personal struggles she also founded the “Graced for it” podcast based on 2 Corinthians 12:9. She believes we weren’t just made for the things we do and produce but in fact, we are Graced for it. Morgan is a current student at Grand Canyon University pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Global ministry. She aspires to author many books, build her brand, and infiltrate the school systems with mentoring programs for all ages. Morgan produced her first prayer journal entitled “Make Prayer Work” to document God’s work in your everyday life in 2020. Her second book will be released in December 2020. Morgan is the founder of “Outpour Worship” which is a prophetic singing group composed of worshippers from all over Maryland. Morgan is a current member of The Carpenter's House Baltimore, under the guidance of Bishop Melvin Easley Jr. Morgan was first saved and began her journey with the Lord at Rehoboth Light of the World Church, with  Pastor Benjamin Long.   

Morgan desires most of all to speak, write, sing, and mentor until she’s reached everyone she’s been designed to touch. Her life story is jaw-dropping and heartwarming because it all leads to God’s never-ending love which she most cares to express to others daily.

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