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Wande Ayodele


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Wande is the Lead Coordinator for Ftkkonnect. She has been a member of the team for 3 years and counting. She has always been fascinated by the behind-the-scenes of events and so she was recruited to join the team where she has been able to use her organizational and creative skills to help clients have their dream event come to life. When she is not coordinating an event she can be found working on her own business, WandefulScents; where she makes scented candles and more. 

Wande is a dedicated and hard-working coordinator who puts her all into every project she works on. She believes in the saying, “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well”; which she fully embodies.

Wande is a shy but feisty, hardworking, calm, and down to earth lady who brings a smile to the face of everyone around her. She is resilient, reliable, and very creative. She enjoys working with clients, vendors, and the team.

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