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5 Things To Consider for An Outdoor Wedding

The spring and summer season is around the corner which means more outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings can be breathtakingly beautiful; nature, greenery, and even the sky can add a lot to a venue. But as much as outdoor weddings can be beautiful, they can also be a challenge when it comes to planning. FTK-Konnect Events came up with a few things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

1. Your date is key

It is essential that the wedding falls around a time where the weather is “perfect”, the heat is not scorching, temperatures are not frigid and neither is it pouring rain. Your guests’ comfort is of great importance. Planning ahead of time with a planner like FTK~Konnect who can communicate with your venue, to examine all possibilities will make this process seamless. Your planner will consider dates that you may not think about because of their knowledge in the industry. While executing your dream wedding at the same time.

But in the case that any of these situations should happen…

You could consider providing the following:

Parasols to protect your guests from the sun.

Consider wedding programs in the shape of a fan to cool them down.

Umbrellas in case it starts pouring rain

2. Can everybody hear?

The venue also matters, is it located in an area where you have a lot of noise? Can the sound system project for everyone to hear? You want your guest to be able to hear and enjoy every word of the ceremony. A venue like this requires strategic planning in terms of sound so everyone can hear.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

3. Outdoor weddings

leave room for more creativity

Outdoor weddings provide you with an ambiance and an aesthetic that an indoor wedding couldn't. Your designers would have an exciting time making the outdoors shine extra bright for your big day. While your guest enjoys the views. Consider these ideas for your guest's comfort.

Provide insect repellent depending on the venue.

Creative seating chart for a small wedding

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

Provide blankets if your guests get cold.

4. Think of electrical needs beforehand

You want the lighting and sound equipment to all be intact on the day of your ceremony.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

5. Have a backup plan

In case things don’t go as planned. Tents could be a good idea for a backup as well. Another suggestion could be to have your ceremony outside and reception inside. Whatever you do when planning an outdoor wedding, it is always advisable to have a backup plan in case things do not go as originally planned.

Creative ways to use tents

[insert picture]

Dear lovely readers, we hope you found FTK-Konnect’s tips helpful in case you are considering planning an outdoor wedding. Leave us a comment below!

Enjoy Oge and Oseme's Outdoor luxury wedding for some ideas.

If you would like FTK~Konnect Events to plan you a luxury outdoor wedding experience just like this.

Credit: Various Pinterest/Stock Photos & Pins

Oge and Oseme's photos: Tunji Studios

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