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FTK~Konnect Events: Relaunched and Revitalized

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We are ecstatic to introduce our new website! Our new virtual space was strategically designed to align with our core beliefs meaningfully. FTK~Konnect Events is fiercely dedicated to curating memorable events for our clients. We understand and appreciate the need to shine a light on all of life’s blessings by celebrating them with the ones we love. Our passion is seeing our clients joyfully engage in the most important moments of their lives. This is why we dedicate ourselves to flawlessly executing events that run seamlessly.

Planning our new website pushed us to examine the needs of our clients critically. In doing so, we were tasked with the challenge of making well-informed and purposeful decisions. Every component of the website was developed to reflect our dedication to providing clients with top tier service. The website has been designed to be informative while streamlining the inquiry process for new and returning clients. One of the most rewarding parts of this experience has been reflecting on our core beliefs, goals, and intended outcomes. With these things in mind, we embraced the tedious nature of the website design process and produced a product that we are proud to share with you. Through our numerous planning meetings, our team members developed some key takeaways that we would like to share.

-Each member of the team really had to bring their strengths forward for this to come together. It was refreshing to see how well everyone played their roles. This is an indication of how dedicated we all are. (Wande)

-I was most surprised by how much fun we had despite the stress of it all. Brainstorming was probably my favorite part. It was nice to see how creative everyone is. Even though we couldn’t apply everything, we now have a resource of amazing ideas that we can implement this year. I really can’t wait ! (Joy)

-Working on the backend details had the most impact on me. It was cool to see that we were making changes, even in some of our processes and systems that clients don’t see. I am also really excited to have learned new skills. (Charlie)

Our New Updates


We want to say a huge thank you to all the members who have helped us make this transition happen.

FTK's MUA: @beautyperfectionmakeover

Photos: @dotunayodeji

Video: @qualityinproductions


So, why create a new website, you ask? Here are a few major changes we made.

Our New Updates:

-Implemented new management: Team that will work on assigned projects from consultation to execution.

-Merged a new back office management system- Our new back-office system will allow us to send secured invoices, custom contracts, timelines, and more. This new system allows us to streamline the planning process for each client.

-Updated Pictures- We have updated our pictures to reflect our most recent projects. These pictures are courtesy of our amazing list of photographers. They said elegance, and we brought luxury!

-Developed a fast booking process- Through our new system, once you click our booking icon, you will be able to complete a simple questionnaire and receive a response within 24 hours. How's that for simple, quick, and efficient.

-Swift access to our monthly newsletter- On our home page, we allow you to subscribe and become a member of our monthly newsletter instantly



As you browse through our site, take a deeper look at our testimonials and LuxLove tabs. Here you'll find our next Bond with me, experience with a twist. You do not want to miss it.

Do you know any engaged or dating couples who are active essential workers and deserve to be pampered?

Bond With Me 007 is Back with a Twist!

The Give Back Edition

The creator of Bond With Me 007: Licensed to Love is none other than our Creative Director & CEO, Feyikemi Kukoyi.

FTK got the ball rolling on valentine's day six years ago after dreaming about a classy luxury love experience for this special day for several years.

She set out to create a unique event that was classy and inclusive of all lovers across the board regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, and or background. To accomplish her mission, FTK carefully crafted strategic partnerships with acclaimed vendors. For our sixth year, we are giving back to essential workers in our community who exemplified love by risking their lives during the emergence of COVID-19. We salute these licensed workers who braved the storm and continue to remind us that through it all, love never expires. "Licensed to Love" is being curated specially for six dating or engaged couples in honor of our sixth edition of the Luxury Love Experience. For more details, follow us on all social media platforms to see or participate in the couples' selection process. At least one person has to be a licensed essential worker.

For sponsorship opportunities, please email


To all our returning clients who've come to check the page out. If you see your self, take a snapshot and mention us on all social platforms. You can finally tell your friends you are FTK Famous!

It is such a privilege to do what you really love while impacting others' lives. We are committed to constantly evolving to match the needs and energy of our clients. Thank you for all of your continued support. The best is yet to come. I hope you have your pen and paper ready to jot down your next event plans because the FTK~Konnect team is ready to execute.

Now, let's plan your next event. Starting today!


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