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5 Valentine's Day Ideas: Covid-19

The highly anticipated day of love is quickly approaching. Do you have any plans? This year we have experienced some pivotal changes. Yet, we have persevered. Finding a unique spot to celebrate your love may be a bit challenging considering the restrictions in your city. Luckily we have some exciting ideas to inspire you for the ultimate love experience.

2021 Valentine's Day Ideas:

1. Get a Hotel Room: Find a hotel room near you and decorate it with flowers and all kinds of goodies. Plan to get a room that will captivate your lover's desires and give them the ultimate romantic night for two.

2. Plan a Spa Date: Spa's are still open and ready to serve. Plan to meet a local or out-of-state masseuse and treat you and your lover to a relaxing massage. Try looking at their ultimate packages and unwind together.

3. Get a Private Chef: With the rise in supporting small businesses, it would be amazing to have a private chef cater to you and your love. Lean on the chef's specialty and enjoy a three-course meal for the soul.

4. Play Intimate Couple Games: The internet has been raving about newly introduced couple games that spark intimacy between partners. Here are a few to check out: The ultimate game for couples, Our Moments Couples, Intimacy Deck by Bestshelf, Couple Reconnect, Love Language,

5. Dress your home in flowers: Shock your partner by dressing the house in flowers. Show them your love by transforming your home into a floral wonderland. Draw inspiration from vacation spots that you had to forfeit this year. For example, You had to cancel that trip to Maui, consider bringing in some birds of paradise, hibiscus, or Lillies. Blow their mind by bringing the moment to them.

Don't have any plans at all? Need last-minute plans? No worries, are you or your partner an essential worker?

FTK~Konnect Events would like to invite you to enter to WIN a night just like what was described above. Each year for the past five years, we have curated Bond With Me 007 experiences. And this year, we would like to treat essential workers to our Give back edition: Bond With Me:#LicencedtoLove007.

Enjoy your day, ladies and gentlemen, and may your day be full of love.

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