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Self Care On Valentine's Day For Singles: 2021

For centuries, the sole focus of Valentine's Day has been couples. Although it is endearing to see two people in love showcase their affection, we often forget about those that aren't 'coupled up'. This year, we wanted to share some ways that you can show yourself some love. If you love this, share it with some single friends!

3 Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day:

  1. Turn Valentine's Day into GALentine's Day by having a Single's Sleepover: Invite all of your single friends over and have a party! Celebrate the love you have for friends. Do a gift swap showing how much you love each other. This is a no boys allowed zone. Share stories, watch movies, play games, and celebrate the day of love together. Don't forget to adhere to COVID regulations by keeping your gathering small and intimate.

2. Get a facial and show your skin some love! Facials are always super refreshing and calming. Kill two birds with one stone by taking a break from your busy schedule while addressing some of your skin concerns. Consult with your esthetician to ensure that you walk away with some new skin tips or even a better skincare routine.

3. Write Letters to your future husband. Make journaling a part of your self-care night. While you may not know who your soulmate is today, it doesn't mean you can't talk to him. This is also an excellent opportunity to examine and deconstruct the qualities you want your partner to have. Start your journal with some prayers, affirmations, and letters to your love. Kick your feet up and watch a good movie. Leave your journal by the bed until next time.

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