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3 Tips for Gorgeous Engagement Photos

Congratulations on your recent engagement! You are about to enter such a fun and exciting time of your life.

Whether you've already booked your wedding photographer (through us, of course!), or you haven't thought about it yet, we've got some tips to help ensure your engagement photos turn out absolutely stunning!

Find Your Dream Location

Before you go to "typical" spots in your city or town, think of something you two really enjoy and pick a place that beautifully reflects that. If you enjoy the beach, you could drive out to your favorite beach spot. If you love cooking together, you could take photos in your home kitchen or rent an air bnb and capture candids making some of your favorite recipes together!

Wear Something You Feel Confident In

Nothing is worse than trying to take photos in something you don't feel confident in. Choose something that makes you feel like a million bucks (because you are)! You'll also want to make sure you and your partner are wearing outfits that complement each other.

Have Fun!

This one seems obvious, but remember WHY you are taking these gorgeous photos and have fun with each other!

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