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5 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If It Has To Be Postponed

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Just because your original wedding date is passing you by it doesn't mean you cannot celebrate it!

Silver lining – think of all the extra time you have to finesse your wedding to be even more amazing!

1) Write Each Other a Love Letter + Reaffirm Your Commitments to Each Other

Why do you love each other?

What are your shared goals and dreams for the relationship in the future?

Where do you hope to go, and what do you plan to do?

What’s meaningful and important to you both?

Take time to really set goals for your future and for the marriage that is right around the corner!

2) Virtual Trip Around the World!

Celebrate that honeymoon early!

Begin in “France” with a charcuterie board and a bottle of wine, then hop over to “Italy” by creating some fresh, homemade pasta. The evening can then end in “Spain” with delicious desserts from a local bakery, or grab a recipe online!

Many world-famous museums, like the Louvre, are hosting virtual tours. You could even watch a great film that offers beautiful views to match your locations of choice.

Decorations and big imaginations are encouraged!

3) DIY Spa Day

Beginning with breakfast in bed, take the day to search for some easy at-home self-care regimens. Tons of DIY face masks can be made from simple household items like avocados and honey. You could also give your partner a manicure and pedicure. The day can end with massages and thoughtful time with each other — without any phones or other distractions. Just enjoy each other, and commemorate what would have been your special day.

4) Organize a Car Parade

Get all dressed up and invite family and friends!

Ask people to adorn their vehicles with decorations like balloons, signs, and streamers, then drive by to celebrate what would have been your special day…from afar!

The car processions often beep their horns, play music, and shout well-wishes to the engaged couple to show them love and support.

5) Picnic in the Park

Invite your loved ones to a park near you. Everyone would be asked to pack their own picnic and set up 6 feet away from each other in your designated area. Always include a recommended list of items in the invitation!

  1. Picnic basket

  2. Blanket

  3. Bottled beverages

  4. Corkscrew or bottle opener

  5. Plates, cups, utensils, and napkins

  6. Cutting board or knife

  7. Bug spray

  8. Sunscreen

  9. Paper towels

  10. Hand wipes / Hand sanitizer

  11. Trash bags

  12. Games

Make sure you create your own table as the focal point of your area. Some couples put their table in the middle and have people set-up around them or them set-up at the head of their area. Bring the music, decorations, and be sure to have fun and relish in some of the joy you would have experienced on this special day.

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