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6 Tips For Picking the Perfect Wedding Theme

With Valentine’s Day passing just yesterday and the success of our iconic vintage 1920’s themed event Roaring Pearls & Ties on Sunday, we at FTK~Konnect are loving the idea of themed weddings and events.

Choosing the perfect theme for an event is not an easy or simple task. That is why we decided to put together a list that can help you decide on the perfect theme for your wedding!

Superhero Themed Wedding


Sit down and write key aspects that define you as a couple. Think of your personalities, places you’ve traveled together, and other intimate memories you two have together. These details can be intertwined with your overall theme to help portray your love story.

Choose Your Venue

Having your mind set on where you would like to have your wedding will in turn help you choose a theme for your big day. Your venue will be a reflection of the elements you and your significant other already love or have a passion for. Choosing your location will automatically eliminate certain themes that do not fit well with your venue.

Victorian Themed Wedding

Create a Vision Board

This is similar to brainstorming, but instead of using words, use images. Finding images on Pinterest, clipping photos from magazines, and browsing the Internet for themed wedding ideas will definitely help inspire an idea for your big day. Hopefully, the images you found while perusing will have some theme or relation to one another, which will help with your overarching idea.

Think about your favorite things

From favorite cartoon character to favorite holiday or maybe a favorite movie or even a favorite animal! No favorite item of yours or your significant others should be ruled out because you could end up planning a wedding centered around one of those elements. Maybe you are both huge Star Wars fans or both have a love for all things spooky, those are fun themed wedding ideas!

Fairytale Themed Wedding

Ask for help

If you and your partner exhausted all of your ideas, try asking your friends and family for advice. They know your personalities and little details that make you special. They could be able to think of a theme that you never even imagined doing!

Having no theme is okay

There’s no rule saying you have to have a theme for your big day. If you choose colors you like as a couple and the best location for your ceremony, everything else will fall into place. So don’t stress, a non-themed wedding is just as amazing as a themed one! Contact us to help design your themed or non-themed wedding and events. We totally love developing themes, planning every detail and coordinating an amazing event for our clients!                                                            Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & YouTube for more event themes!

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