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Choosing the Perfect Date for your 2017 Wedding

If you got engaged recently, we at FTK~Konnect know that you have been asked the question “when is your wedding” or “what is your wedding date,” hundreds of times.

Luckily, it is early January of 2017 so you have a lot of dates to choose from. Below you will see a few tips on how to choose the best date for you and your significant other’s wedding!


1) Choose your favorite holiday

If your future husband loves Halloween and you are okay with having a scary or haunted wedding theme then go for it! Same with other holidays such as Valentines Day or Christmas.

2) Choose your favorite season

If you both hate the cold, a winter wedding can easily be ruled out. If you would love to have your wedding on a beach, then opt for a spring or summer wedding date.

3)  Choose based on prices/your budget

We know this option doesn’t seem very exciting, but some months are cheaper to get married in than others. If budget is a big concern, choose a date where renting a venue will be more affordable for you.


4) Plan the date around your honeymoon

If you know that you would like to take your honeymoon in a specific place and during a specific season, planning your wedding date around those factors will be beneficial as well.

5) Choose a date at random

This may be the simplest option if you have no idea what date you would like to have your wedding. As a couple, look at a calendar together, pick a date and start planning your wedding!

6) Choose a date that is special to the two of you

Maybe the date you two took your first vacation or your anniversary or even when you brought your first pet together! If the date symbolizes a special moment in your life together, it is a great choice for your wedding date.


However you decide to choose your wedding date, make sure both of you are in agreement with each other and enjoy planning the rest of your wedding!

Need more help? Consider talking to us at FTK~Konnect and we can help you set a date, book a venue, set up decorations, and so much more!

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