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Color Inspiration Series: Thanksgiving Wedding

Thanksgiving is a day away so we know that everyone is getting into the holiday spirit! Of course, everyone is also ready to chow down on some delicious Thanksgiving food as well!

Unfortunately, this post isn’t about the Thanksgiving food that we all love, but instead about inspiration for planning a Thanksgiving themed wedding.

Does this seem like a difficult wedding theme? When you sit back and ponder on it, you will realize that it is a really simple and chic theme idea.

The main colors that should definitely be used when planning a Thanksgiving wedding are shades of gold, bronze, brown, dark oranges and reds. These colors give the wedding a rustic chic and fall feel which is perfect for the holiday wedding.

As you can see in the picture, the flowers shown are a blend of cream, reds, and oranges. The wedding cake should also incorporate the colors somehow whether in the frosting, plating, or in the decor surrounding the cake.

Sparkly gold and/or champagne colored bridesmaids dresses are beautiful for a Thanksgiving theme. You can even add gold or champagne accents and jewels to your bridal gown or veil!

A dark brown suit jacket with a pop of dark red or orange underneath, as shown in the picture, will have your groom looking amazing!

So if you would like to plan a Thanksgiving wedding in the near future, definitely go for it! It will be a gorgeous, elegant, holiday wedding! Happy Holidays!

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