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#EngagedandInspired~A New Way to Bridal Expo!

Happy Spring everyone! We’re so happy that spring has sprung and the trees are getting green again!

Our first bridal expo of the year went off without a hitch some weeks ago at the Engaged and  Inspired Wedding Show. It was a breathtaking wedding simulation and event at the Bleues on the Water in Glen Burnie, MD.

This bridal expo had a unique concept as it is described as a “party” that shows you what your fabulous day can really be like. It is a live action wedding show simulated as a real wedding experience.  The event brought together the region’s finest vendors, artisans and entertainers to give guests the exposure and ideas for their perfect wedding day. Throughout the day we were taken on the journey of special love stories. There was also one mock ceremony (pictured above) and one real live ceremony (pictured below) to bring the experience together.

FTK and Kaisha met with many new couples and gave insight into the FTK~Konnect Events experience! We want to thank everyone who stopped by our table and we will definitely update you on other expos that we will be participating in this year!

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