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Out of the Box Wedding Day Outfit Ideas

Do you consider yourself a non-traditional bride? Are you tired of the usual white wedding dresses? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, this blog post is for you!

Below you will see a few wedding day attire options that you may have never seen or considered. Maybe you will get inspired and try one out for your own wedding. Take a look!

Colored dress: If you love bold, bright colors, the dresses below may be the one for you. You can choose your favorite color or even a blend of many colors. The possibilities are endless!

Bridal Jumpsuit: Consider yourself fashion forward and very style savvy? Then this jumpsuit is the perfect alternative wedding dress option for you. You will look sleek, chic, and super stylish.

Short/Tea-length dress: Long dresses are so last year! When wearing a short dress it’s all about having your legs out and looking cute, flirty, and fun. Short dresses not only trendy, but also super slimming!

Two-piece bridal set: Consider a crop top or a jeweled bodice as your top paired with a midi or maxi skirt and that makes your wedding outfit! It can save you hundreds of dollars and the 2 pieces can also be worn separately after your wedding day!

Patterned dress: Similar to colored dresses, having patterns on your dress can make for a very bold statement. Choose from geometric prints, floral patterns, polka dots, or stripes. It would definitely look unique and adorable if you and your groom matched your print.

Bridal Pantsuit: This may be the most out of the box option on the list, but should definitely be considered if you are a risk taker. Who says that a suit on a woman can’t look sexy and elegant? If you are more of a tomboyish bride, this lovely style statement will be perfect for you.

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