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Rustic vs. Vintage

To the average person, rustic and vintage themes are one in the same. There are small differences that set them apart and this post is dedicated to helping you tell the difference and inspire your next event!

First and foremost, rustic themes tend to be outdoors. If you are looking to have a farm or countryside look then a rustic event is for you!

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This theme focuses on natural elements, earthy and soft colors and design elements usually include mason jars and anything wooden. Vintage themes, draws from the Victorian era and as the title suggest, uses old design elements such as lace and candles to bring everything together.

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Both themes can be done outside, and pair perfectly with some bling for a more feminine and elegant touch. Be sure to check out our facebook, instagram and twitter for constant updates and our other blog post on choosing a venue, to see what places you can incorporate these themes with!

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