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#SoyoyesTripleCeleb – A Destination Event Production

Almost exactly two months ago on 10/16/16, the team at FTK~Konnect had an awesome

time planning a triple celebration event for Mr. Femi & Mrs. Miriam Soyoye.

The lovely couple was celebrating their 40th anniversary/vow renewal, Femi’s 70th birthday, and Miriam’s 65th birthday!

The Soyoye’s met each other 42 years ago. Miriam is fully African American, born and raised in North Carolina whereas Femi was born and raised in Nigeria.When they got married, Miriam fully embraced the Nigerian culture and even learned the language. They raised their children to be dual citizens.

The family have alternated living both in Nigeria and America half the time they have been married.They had this amazing celebration in Lagos Nigeria, where some of Miriam’s siblings have never been before till this event.

It was an honor that Femi and Miriam trusted and believed in FTK and the team a year ago to help plan and execute a wonderful event.

Below you can see some of the highlights from the event! Pictures by D.Roberts

Event Management, Design & Coordination by FTK~Konnect Events


The Couple Breaking it Down on the Dance Floor

Photos with Family & Friends


The Wedding Shoe Game is Always Fun!


The super romantic ceremony <3



Congrats again to Mr. & Mrs. Soyoye and cheers to many more years of wedding bliss!!! 

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