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Ultimate Guide to Summer Weddings

Summer is officially here and it is hot! Summer weddings offer a new array of color schemes, themes and decoration to choose from.


The most popular color for summer is yellow of course. Yellow is the epitome of summertime happiness, as it offers a bright, positive pop to any occasion.

retrieved from pinterest

retrieved from pinterest

Other summertime colors include soft to light purples such as orchid, grape and lilac as well as pinks, blues and blushes.


Summer weddings really capitalize on rustic and vintage themes as it is the perfect way to use outside to tell your unique story. Summertime also gives way to beach weddings and other amazing outdoor settings!

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Finally, summer decorations include flowers such as Button Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers and Poppys. You can also incorporate flip flops, bumblebees and other fun summertime staples!

retrieved from pinterest

retrieved from pinterest

Be sure to check back in and see how you can incorporate each summer aspect into your next event and follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for daily updates. Happy Summer!

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