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Wedding Alert: Adeola and Stephen

FTK-Konnect is ecstatic to be planning Adeola and Stephen’s August Wedding. Feyikemi says Adeola reminds her of herself because of all the energy that she oozes; when I read the beautiful words her fiance had to say I can definitely see how that’s true. In the words of her husband “Adeola is someone that everyone would love to associate with because you can never experience any kinds of dull moments whenever she is around you. Adeola transforms her positive energetic character into every situation”. Adeola would definitely make married life fun and interesting. She would also make planning her wedding a fun task. According to Adeola, Stephen is forgiving, a giver, reliable, intelligent, loving and fun to be around. The combination of this couple is powerful and the words they have to say to each other just melt my heart. So you are probably wondering by now how these two met…

Adeola and Stephen met at Stephen’s brother’s house in Baltimore, MD. It was not love at first sight because Stephen was not ready for a relationship and Adeola couldn’t stand him. But as fate would have it, Stephen had just moved to Philadelphia where Adeola lived at the time so she volunteered to be his tour guide. They exchanged numbers and they went from being just friends to Adeola going to Nigeria and realizing how much she liked Stephen, to finally taking their relationship to the next level. After a year and three months Stephen decided to propose

April 5th 2013 he proposed at what was supposed to be his “surprise birthday party” and it turned out to be her surprise engagement. FTK~Konnect cannot wait for Adeola and Stephen to tie the knot, It would definitely be a fun day for us.

FTK-Konnect Events wishes Adeola and Stephen a blessed and fulfilling marriage life with lots of children in advance 🙂

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