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Wow! Out of the Norm Venues

If you’re an avid reader of FTK~Konnect’s blog you probably know by now that we love weddings. Being wedding lovers sometimes means we are always looking at many wedding websites, blogs and sometime magazines. Some of the themes we’ve noticed in weddings are: chandelier centerpieces, sequin reception dresses, royal themes, rustic plain themes and lots of bling-bling.

Some of these wedding themes can get repetitive so we dig deep into our unique and creativity well of ideas when planning our events and or weddings. For inspiration, we also look for weddings with apt unique qualities – an example of a unique wedding is when Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married and Jessica opted for a pink dress. Even though personally I may not be that bold, I love the fact that she pulled it off. I consider that as an out of the ordinary move for a lot of brides.

I did some research to see how creative wedding couples have gotten lately. This time I focused on the wedding venues chosen. My findings were quite interesting. These days wedding couples are getting extra creative and bold in choosing their wedding venues. Here are some very interesting wedding venues to say the least 🙂

This couple got whisked away in a hot air balloon in a private ceremony with friends and family

They did theirs on a bridge

In a cave

**Side Note** Getting married in a cave is definitely a no-no for me for fear of getting trapped

On a glacier

My top two favorites are underwater and in the amusement park, very different yet interesting!

On a track and field anyone?

The most surprising wedding venue actually done may just be in space. This is definitely out of the norm and drives home the true meaning of thinking outside the box (out of this world) LOL!

Seneca rocks

What do you guys think? Would you be bold like some of these couples and get married in such unique places or would you stick to the traditional way of getting married. It’s always interesting to see how creative couples can get when it involves their weddings. We hope you were inspired.

Drop a note/comment/question for us – we will love to get your feedback.

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