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Bond With Me: #LicensedtoLove Recap

The Bond With Me: Licensed to Love event this past Valentine's Day weekend was one for the history books! Planning a luxury love experience during COVID was indeed a labor of love but our selected couples made it a fulfilling and rewarding experience. The weeks leading up to the event were packed with detailed planning and intentional decision-making to ensure that we would be providing our guests with an exclusive experience. Many couples entered for the opportunity to attend Licensed to Love and four couples were selected. We are proud to say that our couples had a phenomenal night and brought social media to a standstill! So, you might be asking what is Bond With Me: Licenced to Love? Here's a little snippet before we jump into the beautiful image from this night of romance.

The creator of Bond With Me 007 : Licensed to Love is none other than our Creative Director & CEO; Feyikemi Kukoyi. FTK got the ball rolling on valentine's day six years ago after dreaming about a classy luxury love experience for this special day for several years. She set out to create a unique event that was classy and inclusive of all lovers across the board regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, and or background. To accomplish her mission, FTK carefully crafted strategic partnerships with acclaimed vendors. For our sixth year, we are giving back to essential workers in our community who exemplified love by risking their lives during the emergence of COVID-19. We salute these licensed workers who braved the storm and continue to remind us that through it all love never expires. "Licensed to Love", was curated specially for dating or engaged couples in honor of our sixth edition of the Luxury Love Experience.

Take a look at the photos from this Bond With Me: Licenced to Love

Social Distancing didn't stop us from giving these couples a dance floor! Each couple had a designated corner of the dancefloor. They were blown away by the live music from our favorite duo Horns and Harmony.

Such an elegant night for couples who have given back to us throughout this pandemic. We wish them all a very happy ever after. - FTK~KONNECT TEAM

Take a peek at this video we complied of the entire ambiance of the night. And follow us on all social platforms @ftkkonnect for more recap photos and videos.

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