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According to merriam-webster’s dictionary, a milestone is a significant point in one’s development. Ah ha you might say at first, then secondly you start to imagine or ask questions like how, where, what, etc? Look no further because once you have FTK~KONNECT on speed dial to connect the dots of your event, it is now a matter of how you want to celebrate your day? Intimate or elaborate? Well, these were the questions I asked Bunmi Adenugba roughly a year ago when we started to talk about celebrating her milestone. Once I got her ideas together, my homework then began in terms of developing and enhancing her wishes to a full fledged celebration she would remember and love for years to come! The result of the fun-filled weekend is beautifully portrayed in the pictures below. June 25, 2011 will always stand out in my memory as a SUPERB weekend! Thanks to all FTK~KONNECT’s vendors who assisted in making Bunmi’s Soiree a SUCCESSFUL DESTINATION party! From the people at Hilton DoubleTree Grand Hotel, to the photographer at, the MC – Seyi Brown, the DJ – DJ Phemstar and the decorator at Lasting Impressions by Luly – You all rock! Lasting Impressions By Luly~ A wonderful Miami based decorator who saved me from traveling with materials for decor and worked well with all my requests/directions while inserting her expertise. Thank you!

Welcome to MIAMI!!! Double Tree Hotel…

Celebrant with a few friends…

Celebrant poses with friends after a night of fun at the MANSION

Welcome to Miami Beach

Celebrant with friends heading to the beach

Celebrant with family heading to the beach

Celebrant enjoying the beach!

FTK~KONNECT’s on the spot creativity with snack box on the beach… Celebrant & Hubby!

Bunmi walks in & dances to “the lady in red” ~1st Outfit~

~Celebrant’s 2nd Outfit~

~3rd Outfit~

Yes she’s a fashionista and looking great is her forte! ~4th Outfit~

Lovely Cakes – depicts Bunmi’s impeccable taste for fashion!

Favors for Guest!

Leaves(notes) of well wishes for celebrant!

Inside view from the Outside FTK~KONNECT is the official connector of this 30th Birthday Soiree!!! ~Lovely Party~

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