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Butterflies, Nerves, Sweating…It’s a Wedding Proposal

Ladies did you ever give some thought as to how you would want to be proposed to? My sister got proposed to while laying on the bed gisting with her husband-to-be and she did not mind that at all. This maybe difficult for some people to digest like some of my friends thought it was just too absurd of a proposal. Personally I don’t care how I get proposed to but I would like some degree of thought to go into my proposal.What do you guys think in this day and age when every proposal or wedding tries to out do the last? Would you like your proposal quiet and private or loud and extravagant? Ladies, while you go into lala land dreaming about how you would want to be proposed to and guys while you stir up your creative juices, here are some very creative proposal videos and pictures. Enjoy!!!

Did you just get engaged? Are you planning to propose to her? Do you want us to plan the proposal or do you just want us to feature your proposal story on our blog? Great news you can now email us at

Also do not forget to contact us @FTK-Konnect Events to help plan/coordinate your wedding day!

Private or Public Proposal for you? Yay or Nay? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment.

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1 Comment

Aug 27, 2021

Great read thannks

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