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Color Inspiration: Christmas Wedding!

Christmas is only 4 days away!! We at FTK~Konnect know that holiday themed weddings and winter wonderland weddings are very popular this time of year.

Just in case you or someone you know is planning a Christmas themed wedding, we are here to help!

Planning a Christmas themed wedding doesn’t have to be over the top, adorned with bells, Christmas ornaments, Santa hats, etc. They can be simple and elegant.

The perfect color combination for a Christmas wedding is dark greens, browns, and dark red/burgundy. Since it is chilly this time of year, the bride can wear a soft fur robe over her wedding dress, like the one pictured below, and she will look stunning!

The groom can wear burgundy or a nice forest green color on his tie, vest, shirt, or even the entire suit if he is feeling festive!

Holly is a perfect plant to include in the bouquet along with roses, small berries, and pine cones for a natural touch. The cake can be extravagant with dashes of reds and green in the fondant or decoration.

You can also go the simpler route with your cake, like the one pictured above, with pine cones and berries for accents and snowflake decals printed onto the cake.

There is no right or wrong way to have a Christmas wedding. Hopefully this post gave you some great inspiration and put you in the Christmas spirit!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

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