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Color Inspiration Series: It’s Almost Fall!

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start changing colors, we at FTK~Konnect know that fall weddings start to take full effect!

Most fall weddings include shades of brown, orange, red, and plum. These colors work perfectly with the color of the leaves and the 2 big fall holidays: Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Having a variety of fall colored bridesmaids dresses, like in the picture below, is a great example of blendling all fall colors in your wedding.

If your personality is a little more earthy, having tan hay stacks or little orange pumpkins for decoration could be a pretty cool idea!

Your cake can be the epitome of fall by having fresh fruit on top and having the dough be in fall colors, like the cake pictured below.

Whether you plan on having an array of colors in your fall wedding or if you are sticking with 2 main colors for your wedding, fall is definitely a bright and beautiful season to get married in!

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