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Demo’s 50th Birthday Bash

Last year on March 28th, FTK~Konnect Events had the pleasure of planning a birthday party for Mr. Demola Adesida. Demola or “Demo” for short, turned 50 years old, but we are still in denial because he doesn’t look a day over 30!

To celebrate his 50th, Demo wanted to throw an upscale cocktail birthday party and made sure to let FTK know that “Chelsea Soccer Team & Ferrari” were his favorite things and as such blue emerged as the theme for his event. Demo’s blue birthday bash included a classy blue backdrop highlighting his fave things and his very own red carpet for guests to pose on as well.

Demo and a few of his guests posing in front of his fabulous blue backdrop.

When guests entered the room, you could definitely see that the color blue was the center of attention, aside from Demo of course! Blue and white candles, tablecloths, and spotlights lined the reception hall.

Guests wore varying shades or hint of blue to go with the theme and the guests definitely loved posing on the red carpet. See some of the glamour shots below!

After all of the guests made their red carpet debut, it was time to whip out the drinks and appetizers and really get the party started. The drinks there were two of Demo’s favorites: appletinis and mimosas!

There was a gorgeous fruit platter display where “Demo is Fifty” was written out on a sign and the number 50 was tastefully made out of a few bunches of grapes.

Guests were able to enjoy their fruits and drinks and head out to the dance floor and take even more pictures!

After cutting it up on the dance floor, it was time to enjoy Demo’s delicious cake. The cake table was set with a blue tablecloth, white candles around the edge of the table, and not just 1, but 2 cakes sat atop the table!

A simple cake, stating “Happy 50th Birthday Demo” and “#Demo@50” and a more upscale cake lined with blue details and decorations and a golden 50 sitting on top.

Demo cut the cake with his family beside him and it was a perfect way to wrap up his *bbb* blue birthday bash! Below is the dream team that made this event a success!

Looking for someone to plan your next birthday or a big milestone birthday, look no further because FTK~Konnect will help you out!! Photography: S67 Studios Fruit Display: Nini’s Fruit Design

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