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Destination Wedding?

A friend of mine recently got engaged and we were “gisting” about the proposal, her wedding plans, when she mentioned that she wanted to have a destination wedding. Her idea surprised me and I wondered why she would want to have her wedding in Puerto Rico considering that most of her family members reside in Cameroon. Personally I’m not a huge fan of destination weddings mainly because most of my family members reside in Cameroon. However since joining TeamFTK and understanding the destination event perspective, I believe people have various reasons behind planning their wedding in exotic locations. So what’s one’s motive for having their wedding in Miami or in the Bahamas when they live in Maryland?

In my opinion one of the main reasons is the idea of a “combo”; so it could be a family reunion, weekend getaway and an event all in one.

Family having fun on the beach

Hotel in Jamaica

Small intimate wedding (love the all white idea with guest)

Also when planning destination weddings, several couples take into consideration event intimacy. Whereas if they plan their wedding in their hometown , they feel obligated to invite most of their acquaintances, which takes away from the personal and intimate feeling the couple might want at their wedding. Destination weddings also prove to be more cost effective due to special packages offered by most hotels for big groups and the couple gets to maintain a smaller guest list which saves them some money. Win! Win!!

A wedding away from home allows for creativity with venues, cuisine and a unique experience with different cultures.

Creative and exotic cuisine

So my fellow readers, have you ever thought about the idea of planning a destination wedding? If not give it some thought, be open minded, it is worth taking into consideration. It could be your dream wedding entwined with that dream vacation while saving some money. Anyways guys as much as I do not like the idea of destination weddings I will definitely give it some thought when thinking about my wedding. Also if you’re thinking about a destination wedding (within the country or abroad even to another planet 🙂 ) and don’t know where to start as far as planning, try giving FTK~Konnect a call – konnecting the dots of any tupe of event is our forte!

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What are your thoughts? Yay, Nay or Undecided? Comments here please or send me an email…


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