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Engaged Couple Alert – Angela and Kenna

The Love Story

Angela and Kenna’s relationship began like any good old – fashioned Nigerian love story: at University. It was the last day of classes that spring semester at Morgan State University. Both of them met in Holmes Hall, the campus center. Kenna was leaving the building with Angela’s then roommate, while Angela was entering the building with two of her girlfriends.

They had seen each other around campus occasionally but they were never officially introduced. Angela’s roommate was excited to introduce the two of them. They however, remained cool in demeanor during their first formal introduction. “She was the most beautiful girl in the room” recalled Kenna of that fateful afternoon. A delicate silence filled the room and both parties left to go about their day. The initial meeting was brief but they both knew they would see each other again. It was meant to be.

That summer Angela moved back to New York, but the couple-to-be still kept in touch. Throughout their time apart they remained patient and persistent in making their friendship work. They communicated through endless Facebook messages and Skype calls about any and everything. After months and months of friendly conversations, text messages, and phone calls Angela was finally visiting Baltimore. Kenna was having a huge birthday party and Angela had to be there.

Kenna knew it was time to make his move from friends to eternal lovers! Kenna arranged a romantic homemade dinner for Angela’s arrival. “When I saw that he made dinner I knew that the feeling of more than friendship was mutual” recalled Angela. She knew that this guy was all she had ever dreamed of. She saw all the characteristics that she wanted in a life partner “charming, smart, responsible, funny, God fearing and family oriented.” She couldn’t have asked for more. They both knew from then they couldn’t live without each other.

A few months after that Angela moved back to Baltimore and they started an official relationship. The two of them then continued there study at Morgan where they graduated together. And that is how two close friends grew into romantic lovers.

At FTK~Konnect events we deemed it necessary to include the graduation pictures of Angela & Kenna because a couple who meets at school should graduate together! It is the right thing to do – don’t you think?!? We love their romantic love story – especially these two! This is Kenna’s second undergrad degree – his first degree was in civil engineering while the second is in information technology. Angela graduated in political science and international studies!

Graduation day at Morgan State University

Graduation cake

The Proposal

Kenna and Angela had been dating for three and a half years when they decided to get married. The proposal started with a spring road trip to Virginia. On the second day of the road trip Kenna told Angela that he had made reservations for dinner at the Marriott, and then after that they would go out dancing at Ozio’s Roof Top Lounge in DC.

Angela was excited so she got ready for the exciting evening ahead. When they arrived at the restaurant the staff had arranged a beautiful candle lit, dinner for two. They sat down and ordered dinner as they normally would. During dinner Kenna discussed their relationship, his love for Angela, and why he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. In Angela’s mind she wondered why he was being so romantic. She assumed he was really enjoying the trip and wanted to discuss all their memories.

Angela soon realized what was happening when Kenna got on one knee with a beautiful past present future gold banded ring! After that Kenna said the magical words every woman dreams of hearing “will you marry me.” Angela Immediately said yes!

Following this, the members of the staff and people in the restaurant began cheering and congratulating the newly engaged couple. The staff brought out a delicious red velvet cake with the words congrats delicately written in chocolate. Soon after the proposal, they went to Ozio’s Roof Top as planned where they met with friends and loved ones.

The next morning the couple continued their trip to Virginia Beach. They spent the next two days basking in the sun celebrating their upcoming nuptials with friends.

Engagement Pics

Pre-Wedding Video

Congrats Angela & Kenna – FTK~Konnect Events cannot wait to connect the dots of your wedding day in New York!!!


Professional pictures and video: Beatrice Bangura of Beatrice B Photography

Wedding Planner & Coordinator: FTK~Konnect Events

Official Wedding Tag on Instagram & Social Media: #AngieWedsKenna2015

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