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Extra! Extra! Read all about the New Year News~

I know I know – it’s only the 2nd day in January and a New Year too but guess what!? We already have great news to share with you all! Yup – what a great way to usher in the new year @FTK~Konnect. We warned y’all that great things will be popping left, right and center in 2013. So here it is guys!

The latest member of our team Jumoke, our very own coordinator of events @ FTK~Konnect just got engaged on Sunday and might we had that her Fiancé has great eyes for deets – from the ring to the ambiance… I mean the man is goooddd! ‘Deniyi proposed to our girl on Sunday, December 30th 2012 in Lagos Nigeria in the most romantic way ever…whoop whoop! I am super happy, excited and over the moon for you guys!

Stick around guys –we promise to share more pics and story of the proposal with you all shortly.

Andrea, Alvine and I can’t wait to connect the dots of this marvelous day – from your family here at FTK~Konnect, JumJum and ‘Deniyi CONGRATS once again…

Happy New Year TeamFTK and this year we will be walking in total Dominion. #Leggo.

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