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Frames anyone?

Within the short time I’ve been with team FTK, we’ve decorated a few events and also browsed around. What I am seeing more often is the regular table number holder. The whole point of decorating your event is to be creative with the decorations. I am not saying to make it look like a circus, but have more objects that would be unique. I think what would be cool is using photo frames or any other creative props to display table numbers for your particular event. For today’s blog I am focusing on frames…got frames anyone?

For the Beach Theme: This would be cute if you were having a beach theme event, If you had two chairs one could be the actual table number and another could be a picture of you enjoying yourself on the beach.

A photo album: You could have various pictures of you and significant from the time you started dating up until a couple of months prior to the wedding. Once the party starts rounding up, guest will have an opportunity to enjoy looking at pictures of you and your significant other.

The BLING! My all time favorite!!!! These frames can be used to shine up your event, if you are having a blinged out event. Check out the silver frame and gold frame.

This frame is the cutest frame that I have seen thus far. You can use these frames to represent table numbers and also each table number will display you at that age. Once you have gotten up to the age/table number where you cant display a picture, you can use current pictures of you and your significant other.

These are chalk frames, after the party has calmed down your guest can write messages to the bride and groom.

These frames are just for our old fashionshed keep it simple couples. I picked this one out, because I actually liked the frame. lol, but you are free to do whatever you want with it.

With this frame, so MUCH can be done. You can still keep the concept of the table numbers, but you can also on the other side put love poems, bible verses, quran verses. Whatever you like? You can do.

This frame is for our artistic couples or couples who like to be unique. It doesn’t hurt to show a unique way of differentiating your tables.

This frame actually speaks for itself. If I used this type of frame, depending on how many tables I have I would place different pictures in the frame and I wouldn’t even use table numbers.

I hope you enjoyed the million ways to use picture frames to decorate your table numbers for any type of event. Keep checking out FTK-Konnect Blog for more unique ways to make your wedding a one of a kind. And don’t forget FTK-Konnect, will be Konnecting the dots at your next event.

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