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FTK Konnect Feature- Bibi’s Invitations

Hi FTK-Konnect readers, I know it is almost March but did everyone have a great valentine’s day? Any proposals? Please share with us if anything exciting happened.

Today I have an exciting feature I can’t wait to share with you guys. As I was doing my regular reading online I came across an innovative company Bibi Invitations. So who is Bibi invitations? Bibi invitations is a Canada based company that creates African themed invitation cards. In this day and age where everything is quickly evolving and changing – I commend them for being an innovative company. It seems to me like they are on their feet and are coming up with creative ideas that differentiates them from other companies.

Bibi’s invitations have different collections but today I will be doing a feature on their African Traditional Wedding Ceremony Collection. I love the diversity of their wedding cards and how they categorize the invitations according to country. I took a few samples from their websites


Love me Jeje


Obaa Sweety

My country Cameroon 🙂

My fine baby

South Africa


I also love that you can customize your own card with your face

So what do you think? Which invitation card do you guys like the best? Leave us a comment below and I hope you were amazed as I am. Visit the site at

Happy Hump Day! Alvine FTK~Konnect

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