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FTK~Konnect Events’ feature on BellaNaija Weddings

FTK~Konnect Events is honored to have been chosen by Tobi & Teye to plan their up-coming wedding weekend in July 2015. We have been planning and designing a beautiful and an unforgettable weekend for #TobiTeyeNoni. While we are counting down to the glorious day, we will like to share their truly amazing love story with you all which was recently featured on BellaNaija Weddings.

The Proposal by Tobi Not long after we started dating Teye made his intentions known to me, as he is an absolute open book. It’s very hard for him to hide his feelings, so yes he showered me with sweet er’thangs. He would serenade me with songs he remixed, and send me gifts just because it’s Tuesday. He is the definition of romance; before he actually proposed, he had already proposed to me more than 10 times! Usually he would come out of nowhere, get on one knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him, and I will say Yes every time he joked around. With the kind of relationship we built, I knew I was getting a ring, but no I did not know he was still planning a humongous surprise proposal. So this is how it all went down…

Teye’s oldest brother hosts an annual Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends in Poconos, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t out of the ordinary either, for my sister to want to fly down from Houston to be with me for Thanksgiving. He also asked me to invite my friends, and that wasn’t weird either, but what was weird is that they all agreed to come. He had already spoken to them earlier, he just wanted me to invite them myself so I wouldn’t suspect anything. During the time he was planning all this with my sister and my friends, I was in the middle of studying for the biggest exam of my life, my graduate board oral exams (GBO). It was such a stressful time for me, I spent all my time in library, and I was hardly ever home. Teye was extra supportive, extra sweet and extra careful not to get me suspecting, and I didn’t even think twice.

He’d been telling me for weeks that he wanted me to take him to the nail salon to get the pedicure we’d been postponing for a while. So that Wednesday evening we went, I got a Medi-Pedi but apparently he had told my nail person that he was going to propose so she suggested that I do a special design on my ring finger and I agreed *Praise Break*!

After one year, seven months and twenty eight days, on November 28th 2013, in the presence of our friends and family, after a long winded Thanksgiving speech, Teye’s niece walked in with a little brown box wrapped in a bow, and he went down on one knee said a bunch of things I couldn’t hear, looked into my eyes and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. After all the pictures and screaming… I said Yes! Yes! Yes!

How We Met by Tobi Ilesanmi (Teye) and I met on a Sunday afternoon on April 1st 2012, while I was visiting a friend in the multimedia department at Jesus House Baltimore. My friend wasn’t there, but Teye was and he’s presence was not subtle. He insisted that I wait for my friend and he didn’t let me go, (he literally held my hand) so I waited. We chatted for a while; we exchanged numbers and quickly became good friends. He was a nice guy and I had fun hanging with him but definitely was not thinking about a relationship.The next Sunday after we met was Easter, so Teye invited me to an Easter gathering he hosts every year for his family and friends. I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what to wear. I decided to go with the ‘cool, it’s not that serious look’.

He welcomed me and introduced me to his brother and some of his friends. At the end of the night, he walked me to my car and we talked for a while. This is when he first expressed himself to me, he said “Mo like e gannnnnnnn”. As time went on our conversations got deeper and lasted longer, I mean we would talk for hours and hours both in person and on the phone. In a short period of time he knew me more than people who have known me all my life. He asked the right questions and he listened. He told me “I want to be your friend in everything”(and he is!). Before I knew it, I would find myself thinking about him all day and night. So far, so good, he’s been doing all the right things, saying the right things and approaching me the right way. But there were still some ice patches in my heart that needed melting.

Until one day, I was coming down with flu symptoms and I was exhausted. Everywhere was aching, I was hungry, and everything was doing me that day. Teye called me wanting to hang out, I was like “not today boo, NOT TODAY! I’m not feeling well”. But I guess he thought I was fronting.

The next thing I know he showed at my house with coconut rice and medicine.

I didn’t even have to take the medicine; I was already starting to feel better. We talked and talked, laughed and laughed and I forgot I was sick. It was the sweetest most thoughtful thing ever! That is when I started taking him seriously and I am glad I did. Ilesanmi has never stopped being my friend. He is not just my friend, he’s my dad, he’s my mom, he’s my hairdresser, my stylist, my study buddy, he’s my Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder buddy. He has never stopped making me laugh and making me forget whatever challenges I might be dealing with. Everyday with him is brand new, full of life, laughter and love. Ilesanmi Ebenezer Oyinlade, I can’t wait to be your wife and the mother of your kids.

How We Met by Ilesanmi/Teye On the first day of April, 2012, I met my wife! I met her on April Fools Day, a Sunday just a week away from Easter. It was a fairly cold day in the middle of spring when flowers blossom to bring life back to nature, and she did just that to me, she brought life back to me.As a cameraman in the multimedia department at JHB, I need to make sure my camera is secured at the back of the sanctuary where we stock our equipment after each service. While I was there, now imagine standing in the middle of the Yankee Stadium with no one but you and an angelic heavenly woman walking down your way from the corner of the locker room.Exactly what happened to me right after church when Oluwatobiloba came to say hello to a friend at our technical corner. The moment I saw her, the church was empty and it was just us in there. I knew right away that I had found my wife even before saying hello to her. I felt like I heard that same voice John heard when Jesus walked down his direction to be baptized. As a sharp guy, I walked up to her and introduced myself immediately. Right after that, I held her hand and promise never to let go because I knew I just found my seventh rib. When our children get here and are old enough to understand the story, I will share what happened after, but we talked about everything, we talked about it all and grew so fast on each other. I plan to tell the rest of my story on our 25th wedding anniversary in 2040, just because I plan to live the rest of my life with the only one who has ever made me feel right, the only one I have ever truly loved.

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