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How To Make Your Micro Wedding Amazing

As the world has seen an increase in micro-events. Many people have dreamed of having a huge wedding with their families in one place to celebrate. This would undoubtedly be a day you'll never forget. It has been a hard pill to swallow taking your family off the guest list post-covid. But now narrowing down your big day to 50-people! No worries and no fears. I will tell you a few ways you can still keep your traditions and make your micro wedding amazing! Let's start with one solid idea.

Plan a specific wedding theme

Do you have a favorite movie or game that you love? What if you made your wedding the theme of your favorite movie? Are you a superhero fan? What about Cinderella, Bridgeton? Although you're having a micro wedding, it can still have grand look. Think about your theme and then apply these tips if they apply to make your wedding absolutely amazing with less than 50 people.

Think BIG- I know that sounds wild since you're not having a big wedding. But that doesn't mean you can't have a wedding that is thought out big. So what are your traditions? What flowers do you love? Think horse and carriage? Dancers and more. . .

Incorporate Games- Couple games always adds a twist. Hear me out. Adding games to this intimate event will cause the ice to break with your smaller crowd. Everyone may not like dancing but playing a game while everyone awaits the newlyweds will lighten up the room.

Karokee- Get ready to laugh. Add some love songs to the mix and gather two teams, The women versus the men and channel the love in the room with karaoke. Sing until your heart cries out. Celebrating the new love bond you've now entered.

Hire Local Entertainment- Think live band or celebrity guest since you will not need a full DJ service. What about hiring a live band to play the music that captures your theme or evening experience. Will you need a celebrity guest? Think, John Legend singing your favorite song right in front of your new spouse. What a way to step into marriage.

Customized Drinks: Whether you're an open bar fan or not. You can have custom drinks that match your theme with a twist to the name of your guest. Or add some mocktails that still capture the guest and add amazing taste.

As you can see, there are various things to think of when going for AMAZING at your wedding. You don't need to have a huge wedding party or guest list for it to be the best night you've ever had. It's about bringing the experience you've watched on TV or at your favorite wedding come to life for you!

Are you in need of a wedding planner? We plan all-size events. We would love to get connected with you for your next event click here to begin.

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