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Love Seats – Reception Alert!

Over the top or in a more subtle approach – creative couple chairs/seats in my opinion is something fairly new. Back in the days (not saying I’m that old) there was the idea of “high table” as known by Africans.

The high table consisted of the bride, groom, bridal party, the bride and grooms godparents and sometimes the parents. Now we have the innovation of couple chairs/seats or what we at FTK~Konnect call love seats. I love the creativity that some couples and event designer/planner have utilized during their client’s wedding receptions.The idea of having just the bride and groom cozy it up on their seat (with no interference) to enjoy their moment and their beautiful day is SUPER-FANTASTIC.Wedding planners/designers have a way (an eye) of adding a beautiful touch to the couples’ seats. Dear readers feast your appetite below with several pictures to give you an idea of love seats you may want to incorporate for your wedding reception.

Hmmm love the clear plastic/glass chair and the couple initials

These chairs have a touch of royalty – we LOVE it!



Love the idea of a sofa gives that cozy feeling

You can also customize your love seats with your first name

Or even your last names

Aww how creative

A touch of royalty…

Indeed the ladies are always right – hehe 🙂 *A note to all Hubby’s’ out there*


Another cozy touch of royalty…

So my FTK~Konnect readers, what do you think about these love seats and others out there? Are they made in Wedding Heaven or what? 🙂 Share a comment or two. If you have a friend or relative getting married share these ideas with them as well as feel free to contact FTK~Konnect to share more ideas with you.

Have a blessed week!!!

~TeamFTK love seat inspiration blog~

Pictures do not belong to us

Alvine & FTK for

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