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Qd proposed to Andrea in Church ~Valentine’s weekend!

Andrea and Qd are a special couple to us at FTK~Konnect Events. Qd is our CEO’s brother and though the details of how he asked Andrea to marry him is heartwarming; we take exception to this blog post as a personal story because they are very dear to us.

How They Met: Her Story

I was in the DC area for the June 2009 Alpha Omega Eta Sorority, Inc National Convention. A couple of us were staying at a friends place during the convention. On the second to last day of the convention we had a Charity Ball Fundraiser in DC and didn’t get back home to rest until 5am. As a result we woke up late the next day for our morning devotional with our Soroars, and had to literally leave from the bed to the car to speed down to the convention center.

Later that afternoon we came back to our friends house dressed in our pajamas, exhausted, and hungry. A guy (Dare) answered the door, and we ran to the kitchen looking for food with no shame lol. When I finally got my plate I went to sit down in the living room to eat. While I was eating, I heard a voice say “Can I have some?” I looked over and noticed it was the guy that opened the door. Without skipping a beat I smiled and said there’s more in the kitchen, and continued eating. (I’m a little cranky when I’m hungry). He persisted and asked “So you can’t share?” In my mind I’m like “ahhh can I eat in peace?!” But I replied with a smile sorry, no.

While I tried to finish my food, he decided to continue having a conversation with me about why I was here, and his music career. At the time my friend Lara and I were looking for Talent for our Naija Elites fashion show so I promised to take his number down to contact him about it later. After I finished my food, and was no longer blinded by hunger I realized the guy in front of me was smiling hard and was actually cute. Then I looked at myself and realized I was still dressed in my pajamas. I immediately asked him to excuse my appearance and explained the situation we had gone through in the morning. He laughed and said don’t worry. When it was time for him to leave – he said good bye to everyone but I was the only one he hugged goodbye. From then on we kept in touche and of course the rest as they say is history.

How Qd proposed: Her Story

There was a situation going on with my business (New Jersey) and I had to fly back down at the last minute to go and take care of things. When I told him what was going on he decided to book a last minute flight to New Jersey and asked me If we could go to church on Sunday. I told him I guess it was a possibility, but I might be a little busy due to the fact that I have to open my business that Sunday. He persisted so much so that I told him I would talk to my father about it.

Surprisingly without hesitating my father said we were going to church and not to worry about the business. I became suspicious but I said okay. On that Sunday I wanted to leave early so that I could open up the office for a scheduled employee but again my dad told me not to leave that we will open up late. Confused and shocked I didn’t bother to argue but again I was extremely suspicious.

While at church my Pastor made an announcement of a special program after church and I looked over to Dare and he looked back at me with a confused look lol. Finally after the church offering was done my church brother Clemente called Dare up to the altar. Emotions quickly began to fill up, I was thinking is he going to sing? What’s going on? I think I should go to the bathroom – lol. As soon as he began his speech with 5 years ago I met someone special, all the bottled up emotions came out in tears and no matter how hard I tried they just wouldn’t stop. I got a hold of myself for a second and when I looked up I noticed a camera was in my face and that’s when I knew it was real. Again tears was flowing and all I could do was cover my face. I remember hearing the Pastor’s wife trying to calm me down saying its okay, so I looked up and there he was on one knee. And I said the YES.

The proposal video

“Wa fe mi” The song QD wrote and dedicated to Andrea – Enjoy!

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