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Rocking a Ring and my Natural Hair

Deciding how to wear your natural hair on your wedding day can be a challenge. You have to figure out how to tame those kinks and curls or figure out what to do with that huge afro.

It may seem impossible but let me tell you, it definitely is possible. Need some inspiration?

See how these natural sistas slayed their wedding days and hopefully this should help you out!

Don’t like having your hair all over your face? This pulled back side-puff hairstyle will work perfectly for you. Rock it with or without a jeweled headband and with the veil off to the opposite side of your puff.

via instagram Want to wear a protective style on your big day? You can rock this box braid bun updo adorned with a bejeweled crown, with the veil placed in the middle of the bun.

Think your hair is too long for a veil? Definitely not true! You can try out this flowing, loose curls style with the veil sitting right in the center of your hair.

Don’t know what to do with your dreads? How about trying this glamorous spiral curl updo with the veil placed delicately behind the updo.

Big Chop recently? No worries, rock that beautiful freshly cut hair with an elegant birdcage veil.

Are you an unconventional natural hair bride? Are veils not your cup of tea? A colorful flower crown around your curly afro would be stunning.

No matter what type of natural hair you have, you can find the perfect way to wear your hair on your special day. Try out some of these looks or see if you can come up with some on your own!

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