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T-Queen’s Fabulous Birthday Party!

FTK-Konnect had the honor of planning T-Queen’s birthday party and hair magazine launch. T-Queen is the definition of a “hustler”; her drive and determination for success is admirable. She installs weaves and sells a variety of quality hair. Working with her was an enjoyable experience because of how much she trusted FTK-Konnect to put up a fabulous event for her. Her birthday party turned out to be a memorable one. Her family members, the guests and vendors were all wow’ed by the ambiance we created for T-Queen’s party.

T-Queen; FTK-Konnect wishes you a wonderful 30th birthday and much success with the launch of your hair magazine.

Event was designed, planned, coordinated and executed by FTK~Konnect.

Pictures courtesy of PAOSIN.

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