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The ROJU’s BOLT Fever…a year today!

It was 1 year ago when the ROJU’s got married – the same weekend the Usain Bolt fever caught us all!

We wish the ROJUGBOKANS a Happy 1 year Wedding Anniversary! Till date they remain our favorite client turned FTK~Konnect Events fam! We wish you guys many more years together in love and happiness!

***A message from the ROJUGBOKANS a couple of weeks after their wedding day in 2012***

On behalf of me and my husband, we would like to thank FTK for their sincere, professional and top notch services during our wedding. When I first met Feyikemi, she told me she would become my best friend for the period of my planning. I must say, she kept to her words. Calming me down and telling me that everything would be alright and she did make sure everything was alright. FTK services extended well beyond the wedding period, which surprised me and my husband cause we didn’t expect anything more after the stress we had already put them through. FTK worked with our budget and the special thing is that with their repertoire of vendors it was easier to assign the right vendors for our wedding so that we were well within our budget. I have to touch again on the professionalism because it was so glaring that even my friends and guest where talking about the wedding planners. They paid special attention to details, paid attention to our every need on the day off and before the wedding, cared for the bridal party and family. I could go on, but the proof I would say is in the trial. Once again, I know I’ve said it time and again, but we would like to say a BIG thank you to the FTK crew. Words cannot completely express our gratitude.

Mr. & Mrs. Ayodeji Rojugbokan

Most pictures on this blog were by the wonderful, poise and talented BRINSIMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY, for more professional pictures of their wedding day, click on each link below!

Still Image above and Video by FEMSTER IMAGES

Wedding Planned & Coordinated by FTK~KONNECT EVENTS

Decorations by GARDEN OF EDEN

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