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Tis’ the season of love

Tis’ the season of love and love is definitely in the air. Valentines is just around the corner and if you’re still thinking about what you can do for your significant other, here are a few last minute suggestions:

1. A surprise, fancy dinner for your love, as cliché as this might sound it definitely goes a long way. Nothing equates to a home-cooked meal, with love as the main ingredient. Sometimes simplicity can go a long way in showing your care to loved ones. Put on that apron and heels (if you’re brave enough) and cook up something for your love. As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This could also go for you gentleman, put on that apron and get to cooking; you could also get to your woman’s heart.

2. A spa day after work for both of you guys. Relaxation will ease the tension in your bodies and potentially in your couple, if any.

3. Both of you could be tourists in your own city. Visit places you haven’t visited before: museums, art galleries, malls etc. That could be an adventure, seeking to discover the little treasures of your beloved city. In addition, it creates more bonding time with your significant other.

4. Check out your bucket list and do something that both of you have been wanting to do in your bucket list! At the end of the day whatever you do make sure you have a sexy and romantic day with your significant other!

~Hope you enjoyed my mini tips~

Here’s wishing you and yours a HAPPY VAL DAY, MONTH & YEAR…

Love is a daily choice!

Choose wisely 🙂


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