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Wedding party proposal – Angela and Kenna (Part 2)

How did Angela pop the question?

Angela understands that the selection process of choosing bridesmaids is a key element to the success of a wedding; especially hers. Being a bridesmaid can be a large time and financial commitment. Angela thought it was important to show her girls how much they meant (continue to mean) to her — and how much she appreciates their willingness to help her with her special day. Angela said: “Since I am a “do it yourself” bride I opted to hand make all of my proposals. It was a fun arts and crafts project. I encourage other brides to do the same.”

There were three different types of proposals, but each one was decorated with wine, violet, and gold.

The first proposal was for the maid of honor. She decorated a medium sized wine colored box with violet ribbon and a matching name tag. Inside of the box was a box of chocolates with a magenta balloon on top. Attached to the balloon was a note that said pop me and a safety pin attached to the note. She also inserted confetti and a note inside the balloon that said “will you be my maid of honor”. When she received the box all she had to do was open it and pop the balloon to find the hidden message. She loved it!

The second proposal was for her matron of honor. This proposal was a bit more difficult because she lives in another state so Angela didn’t know exactly when she would be able to give it to her. She decided going the virtual route would be best. Angela purchased six pieces of card stock in wine and violet. She then proceeded to write “Will you be my matron of honor” on the cards. After this, she took a picture with each different card which she then put the pictures in a collage. Following that, she contacted her matron of honor on WhatsApp and pretended like she had something very urgent to discuss with her. She was very worried. Angela told her she had something very important to ask her and of course her friend was curious to know. Angela then sent her the photo of herself holding the sign boards. She immediately said yes. It was awesome!

Lastly, Angela designed a proposal for her bridesmaids. She decided a ring pop proposal would be ideal. She got 4 small wine colored boxes, violet ribbon, gold mesh, violet shredded paper, and four ring pops. She simply placed the shredded paper into the box then placed the ring pop on top. On the box lid She pasted a note that said “will you be my bridesmaid” She then closed the box, tied it with ribbon, added the mesh, and added each brides maids name tag. When each girl received their box all they had to do was open it for their surprise! surprise! Angela said It was really a memorable experience for her and advises that all brides should think of a fun way to ask their girls to be a part of their wedding!

All of her bridesmaids will always remember how she asked them to be a part of her day!

Angela’s proposal to her Maid of Honor

Angela’s proposal to her Matron of Honor

Angela’s proposal to her bridesmaids

Angela’s proposal to her bridesmaids – complete look

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