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Weddings, Events & Beyond…Webisode 1

Weddings, Events & Beyond…


WEDDINGS, EVENTS & BEYOND or simply put WEB by FTK is a sub channel within FTK~Konnect Event Planning, Management & Consulting. It is a web series focused on highlighting all types of African Events & Wedding planning in the western world and sometimes in Africa. The series will give viewers insight into some of the things that go on behind the scenes while planning weddings, birthday parties, and social events and lots more from an event’s planner point of view! Our short term goal is to spark a conversation about the Events Management Industry in Africa and or for Africans in the diaspora.

The first episode is solely focused on getting to know the CEO of FTK~Konnects EventsLLC; Feyikemi Kukoyi aka FTK. Viewers will get a glimpse into her life as a wife, mother and the boss lady. There are many components or in this case various dots that come together to get an event fully produced. This episode and subsequent ones will give you full access to see what it takes to connect the dots of different events they plan, design and coordinate at FTK~Konnect events. Grab your drink & cookies, sit back relax and enjoy our bi-weekly web-series.

You are welcome to write to us to join the conversation, suggest a webisode you will like to see and or partner with us for our long term goal!

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c/o of FTK~Konnect Events


Pictures by TeyeMedia Images

Videography by Damon Mace

Editing by Champion Studios

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