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What to Expect: Searching For A Wedding Venue

Welcome back: And for all new readers, it's great to have you here!

Please stick with us on our new blog series, What to Expect. In this series, we are talking about things you can expect for your wedding planning journey.

A little about us here at FTK~Konnect, we are leading wedding and event planners that aim to connect the dots to your events. Our 13 years in the wedding and event industry have helped us design and execute luxurious events that run effortlessly. That being said, our approach is slightly different from others because we prioritize the holistic experience. We take pride in making our clients feel like royalty from the first consultation till the end of the event.

Your venue should be an extension of your love story. The right venue sets the scene for an awe-inspiring wedding. However, searching for a venue can be like hunting for the perfect home. On the day of your wedding, you want to feel like the space is perfect for hosting your love.

Before you start your search, we highly suggest consulting with your planner. Your planner is well acquainted with venues and has built relationships with surrounding venue staff. Your planner will give you details on the capabilities of the space. They can also give you invaluable insight regarding the venue meeting your visionary and budgetary requirements. Your planner can also negotiate with the venue to ensure that all of your needs are being met while still adhering to your budget.

Here are a few things to expect while choosing a venue:

Expect to access the location: When you look at the venue, ask yourself a few questions. Does this venue's location adequately accommodate your guest? Are there hotels nearby? Is there parking available? Is it easily assessable? You also want to ask yourself, does the venue align with your vision? Can you see yourself getting married here?

Expect to talk budget: Don't be afraid of asking money-related questions. In addition to their baseline fees, consider asking about any additional fees. As you collaborate with your planner or the venue manager, expect to have recurring conversations about the budget. Be sure to keep your overall budget in mind as you consider booking.

Expect to consider your guests: Although this is your wedding. Your guest and family will be a key component. Your venue should wow your guest while ensuring that they are comfortable and well accommodated. Will you need access to a ramp? will you need special dining options? Be sure to consider all of the needs of your guests so that everyone feels included and important.

Expect to love it: Ideally, your venue is where you will be showcasing your love. When it comes to memories, your venue will be just as important as the place where you said "yes!" Take some time to walk through space alone. This will allow you to experience the venue organically and draw your own conclusions about it. As you do this, ask yourself, 'do I love it'? If your eyes glaze over with happy tears at any time, the answer is probably yes!



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