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What to Expect: From A Wedding Planner

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Welcome back: And for all new readers, it's great to have you here.

Please stick with us on our new blog series, What to Expect. In this series, we are talking about things you can expect for your wedding planning journey.

A little about us here at FTK~Konnect, we are leading wedding and event planners that aim to connect the dots to your events. Our 13+ years in the wedding and event industry have helped us pull off luxurious events with minimal issues and pinpointed budgets. That being said, our approach is slightly different from others because we offer a sense of royalty from consultation to execution.

Now, you are engaged and about to be MRS! Next is planning. Planning a wedding is exciting and fun, but it can also be equally overwhelming. This is where your wedding planner steps in! In this post, we will review a few key things to expect from your wedding planner. As you access these tips, think about how you can leverage these services to make your planning process a breeze!

Every wedding planner is different and offers packages that align with the services that they can provide. Here are a few things you can expect from a wedding planner.

Create and organize your planning timeline: Some tasks (like booking a venue) will need to be completed early on in the process, while other tasks can come later on. Your planner will create and examine your task list and use their expertise to decide when tasks should be completed to boost efficiency. Your task list may look like getting ready for makeup, taking pictures, and toasting with bridesmaids. Your planner will make sure these tasks are timed perfectly to ensure you stay on track while enjoying your day fully with no pressure.

Organize your wedding-day timeline: Planners create a comprehensive timeline to manage pre-wedding tasks and responsibilities. Your planner will ensure that the day of coordination details are panned out fully from setup to break down. Planners plan a comprehensive timeline to manage ‘day-of’ activities such as coordinating vendors and bridal parties.

Communicate Obligations: Planners will help coordinate meetings with vendors. For example, your planner will either accommodate you on your meeting with your dress designer or remind you of your meeting scheduled with the caterers.

Create and review vendor contracts: Perhaps you already have your own vendors and will not use the planner's preferred vendor list. Your planner will access the contracts to ensure that they align with your vision and budget.

Track Budget Goals: Here at FTK~Konnect, we design an individualized financial plan to organize and track expenses. Most planners will ensure that your budget goals are met. If you have fears of overspending, your planner will be there to catch you before you fall below the redline. Your planner will also assess your wishlist and help you decide which items you can forgo to accommodate pricier services or products.

Incorporate family wishes or traditions: If you have a specific family tradition or wish to start one. A planner can help coordinate these wishes into your ceremony or reception while keeping your wedding timeline tight.

Offer Fashion Expertise: With a planner who has years of expertise, they can

coordinate your wedding colors to fit the attire of your bridesmaids and groomsman attire. They can also help to ensure your wedding dress or dresses will not clash with your expected vision of your big day.

Set up wedding websites and announcements:

A planner will build anticipation for your wedding by utilizing hashtags, websites and managing RSVPs. Essentially your website or announcement is your love branding. Your planner helps make your vision clear for what your guest will experience at your wedding.


Here at FTK~Konnect, we have four packages, and we also offer custom packages based on your needs. Each package tweaks the list of things to expect from your wedding planner.

Full-Service Package:

This package is ideal for engaged couples who desire their wedding to be completely connected and planned by us. This service includes full planning and design. Partial Package: This package is ideal for engaged couples who have planned most of their wedding but needs some guidance and assistance with organization and execution. This service includes planning service and design.

Partial Package:

This package is ideal for engaged couples who have planned most of their wedding but need guidance and assistance with organization and execution. This service includes planning service and design.

Month-of Wedding:

This package is ideal for engaged couples who would like to enjoy their wedding day. We communicate with your vendors and wedding party to execute and keep everyone on schedule. We add the finishing touches on the Day of wedding coordination.

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