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What To Expect: For a Wedding Consultation

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Welcome back: And for all new readers, it's great to have you here.

Please stick with us on our new blog series, What to Expect. In this series, we are talking about things you can expect for your wedding planning journey.

A little about us here at FTK~Konnect, we are leading wedding and event planners that aim to connect the dots to your events. Our 13 years in the wedding and event industry have helped us design and execute luxurious events that run effortlessly. That being said, our approach is slightly different from others because we prioritize the entire experience. We take pride in making our clients feel like royalty from the first consultation till the end of the event.

Enough about us, let's jump into the reason why you are here: What to expect for a wedding consultation.

  1. Please expect to be greeted warmly by our staff and lead planners. Our team operates in either one or two sets for consultation meetings. This allows us to gather as many notes and ideas as possible for your big day. As they say, two heads are better than one.

2. Every wedding consultation is not the same. Though it is always a good idea to pick your friend's or loved ones' brains, keep in mind that each planning experience is unique. Keeping your expectations high for the absolute best will help guide you in making decisions that are right for you.

3. After filling out the questionnaire forms, you'll usually be advised to schedule a one-hour consultation with our lead planner. Should you move forward, you'll receive a link via email for a Zoom call.

4. Expect to tell us a little about your love story. We've got all your basic details, and we will review them during your consultation, but we also want to know about you! Understanding your story helps the team to connect with you. Knowing what is important to you will help us make informed decisions. That is relevant and aligns with your needs. It will also help us in adding some surprises to your special day.

5. Expect to discuss your budget in depth. Our team is ready and willing to discuss a budget that works for you and your fiance. So, expect to talk candidly about your expectation for all aspects of your big day.

6. Expect to be informed. Because our Lead Planner Feyikemi Kuykoyi has been planning weddings for 13+ years, her industry expertise is out of this world. She takes pride in advocating for our couples and keeping them informed about every aspect of your wedding plan.

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