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5 Things To Consider For An Outdoor Wedding

With spring and summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to start considering an outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings can be breathtakingly beautiful. Nature, greenery, and even the sky act as the perfect backdrop for the stunning wedding portraits. As much as outdoor weddings can be beautiful, they can also be a challenge when it comes to planning. FTK-Konnect Events came up with a few things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

1. Your date is key

It is essential to aim for "picture perfect" weather. Although weather can be unpredictable in any season, the comfort of your guests is of great importance. Avoid months that will leave them braving scorching heat, frigid cold, or pouring rain. Planning ahead of time with an experienced planner like FTK~Konnect events will make your process seamless. Your planner will liaise with the venue to examine all possibilities and ensure that contingency plans are in place. Your planner will also leverage their experience to consider dates that you may not think of.

However, in the event of unpredictable weather, here are a few things to consider...


Provide Parasols to protect your guests from the sun.

Consider wedding programs in the shape of a fan to cool them down.


Provide emergency umbrellas in case your guests are suddenly caught in the pouring rain. Rain jackets or transparent ponchos are also a good option; your guests can still show off their outfits!


Consider providing your guest with personalized blankets for when the temperature drops. This can also serve as a unique wedding favor.

2. Are your guest getting the full experience?

It is extremely important for your guest to feel fully included and immersed in the day's activities. Be mindful of accessibility, your friends and family are eager to experience and capture all of the key elements of your ceremony and reception. This is where you have to be intentional in selecting a venue. Is your venue in a noisy area? Does the venue have the ability to support audio/visual productions? You want your guest to be fully accommodated and able to see and hear all of the hallmark moments of your beautiful day.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

3. Be Ready to think outside of the box!

Outdoor weddings provide an ambiance and aesthetic that may be difficult to duplicate in an indoor wedding. But some challenges arise with these extra design options. An experienced designer will see these challenges as opportunities to get creative! Be open to unconventional solutions that will ensure the comfort of your guests and align with your vision.

Provide insect repellent depending on the location.

If your wedding is in a tropic location, you don't want your guests to be burdened by swatting away insects. Consider including personalized insect repellent in your guest goodie bags.

Creative seating chart for a small wedding

Having a small guest list gives you more flexibility in your seating chart and seating arrangement. This is a great opportunity to make your guest feel like an integral part of the day.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

4. Think of electrical needs beforehand.

Ensure that the lighting and sound equipment are intact on the day of your ceremony. Consult with the venue to confirm that they can meet all of your electrical needs. This is also a great opportunity to brainstorm ways to incorporate lighting design with your planner.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

Our Bride and Groom Oge and Oseme #ogelasemai.

5. Have a backup plan

In case things don’t go as planned, tents can serve as a unique backup plan. Another suggestion could be to have your ceremony outside and reception inside. Ideally, it is important to ensure that your venue can provide secondary or emergency accommodations in the case of unforeseen circumstances.


Dear lovely readers, we hope you found FTK-Konnect’s tips helpful if you are considering planning an outdoor wedding. Leave us a comment below!

Enjoy Oge and Oseme's Outdoor luxury wedding for some ideas.

If you would like FTK~Konnect Events to plan you a luxury outdoor wedding experience just like this.

Credit: Various Pinterest/Stock Photos & Pins

Oge and Oseme's photos: Tunji Studios


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