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What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

In less than a month it will be the first day of spring so it’s time to start preparing for spring weddings!

On our blog we’ve talked a lot about what the bride/bridesmaids and groom/groomsmen could wear to the wedding but not a lot about what you as a wedding guest could wear.

Today’s post will focus on that, specifically what to wear to a spring wedding!

One general rule that every wedding guest should follow: don’t wear all white! This is an obvious rule because white is for the bride.

Unless the bride lets the guests know that she won’t be wearing a white dress, try to stray away from it! Below you will see the options for men and women guests attending a spring wedding!


Colors: pastel colors such as baby blue, pale yellow, and light pink or floral prints

Attire Options: sleeveless jumpsuit, mini/cocktail dress, maxi dress


Colors: navy/blue, green, pink, light brown, yellow

Attire: solid color suit, shirt and pants combo with a cardigan, colored button up shirt and jeans/pants, patterned shirt and jeans/pants

Hope this post helped you find the perfect outfit to wear to that upcoming spring wedding!

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